Adam Gnade (pronounced "guh-naw-dee") was born in San Diego, California, and cut his teeth at the houseparties and all-ages shows of his hometown’s experimental art scene. After running the weekly newspaper Fahrenheit San Diego with Jessie Duke, Demetrius Francisco Antuña, Jamey Bainer, Sohrob Nikzad, and Elizabeth Thompson, Gnade went on the road, crossing the country, as he says, "what felt like endlessly, in cars and buses and trains" while writing what would become the first two works of his connected series, We Live Nowhere and Know No One.  

Later after settling in Portland, Oregon, Gnade issued these two releases, his debut record, Run Hide Retreat Surrender via San Diego's Loud + Clear Records, and then his first novel, Hymn California, three years later on CASH Music‘s DutchMoney Books. Both saw extensive touring in the US and overseas along with artists such as Jonquil, Eugene McGuinness, Blood Red Shoes, and Oxford, England’s Youthmovies, the latter of which released Honey Slides, a collaborative "talking songs" EP with Gnade via Try Harder Records (Foals, Tired Irie, the Joy Formidable) which followed up the Shout the Rafters Down! EP on the Drowned in Sound label. Both EPs received substantial UK and EU radio play and were followed by further overseas touring. Two more "talking song" tracks with Youthmovies were released as part of the Polyp EP in 2009 via the Blast First Petite label (John Fahey, Suicide, the Slits).   

In 2010, Gnade left Portland and went "back to the land," starting the Hard Fifty Farm in rural Kansas with Jessie Duke and Thaddeus Christian. Before relocating to Ann Arbor, Michigan with her two toddler sons and partner, journalist, TED Fellow, and Green is the New Red author Will Potter, Duke launched the publishing house Pioneers Press in 2013, releasing Gnade’s next two books, a novel, Caveworld, and his sole work of nonfiction, The Do-It-Yourself Guide to Fighting the Big Motherfuckin‘ Sad, which would become the #1 bestseller of Powell’s Books‘ small press section for many consecutive years following its publication.    

In 2016 Gnade signed with San Diego-based label/publisher Three One G (The Locust, Bastard Noise, Blood Brothers, Doomsday Student, Head Wound City, Black Dice, Antioch Arrow, etc) and released a novella, Locust House (a co-publication with Pioneers Press). His next Three One G releases were two "talking songs" EPs, Greater Mythology Blues and AMERICANS, as well as a digital single of "talking song" vocals backed by the band Planet B (members of The Locust, Head Wound City, Dead Cross, Retox, etc). Recent "talking songs" have featured members of Gang of Four, the Crimson Curse, Castanets, Swing Kids, Chad Valley, All Leather, Some Girls, Tulpa Luna, Modest Mouse, Ohioan, Sydney Eloise and the Palms, Holy Molar, Menomena, and 65daysofstatic.     

Performing "talking songs" and reading works of fiction, Gnade has shared stages and festival bills with Calvin Johnson, Foals, Fuck Buttons, the Album Leaf, Nathaniel Kennon Perkins, Bart Schaneman, Justin Pearson, Julia Eff, Thurston Moore, Godspeed! You Black Emperor, Under White Pines, Alana Amram, Television, the Evolutionary Jass Band, the Max Levine Ensemble, Tortoise, BEAK, Mum, Charlie Cunningham, the Wild, Ramshackle Glory, Garden Club, Teri Quinn, Dylan Pyles, Adrian Orange, Wolf Eyes, Andrew Mears, Har Mar Superstar, Scout Niblett, Ebsen and the Witch, Big Cosmos, House of Brothers, Eugene McGuinness, Castanets, Jeff Rosenstock, Les Savy Fav, Viking Moses, Levon Helm, Matty Terrones of Neutral Shirt, Lora Mathis, Ana Carette, Nick Bernal, Julia Dixon Evans, George Pringle, Angelo Spencer, These Monsters, Jonquil, Larsen B, Ohioan, Youthmovies, Blood Red Shoes, Catsandcatsandcats, Erin Tobey, Joshua Jones, Morgan Eldridge, Your Heart Breaks, Dinosaur Jr, regular collaborator Demetrius Francisco, Antuña, and more. Recent performances have been at the All Tomorrow’s Parties "End of an Era" Festival, ATP’s Netil House Takeover in London, Plan-It-X Fest, as well as various house shows, book fairs, and in-stores.    

Recent audio releases include the Three One G cassettes Life is the Meatginder that Sucks in All Things and Voicemails from the Great Satan, collaborations with Planet B and Antuña, respectively. Two collections of home demos, The Goddamn Marching Tide and Isolation Tapes, were released in spring 2019 and spring 2020, as well as a two song collaboration with the goth band Tulpa Luna on 7" vinyl, issued by San Francisco's Sell the Heart Records.    

Gnade's third novel, This is the End of Something But It's Not the End of You, was released February 14th, 2020 via Three One G and Pioneers Press. The novel was reprinted in February of 2021 by Three One G and Chelsea, Michigan's Bread & Roses Press. This is the End received press from NPR, The San Diego Union-Tribune, Publisher's Weekly, Buzzfeed, and more. His fourth, Float Me Away, Floodwaters, was released January 5th, 2021 by Bread & Roses Press and Three One G.   

In February of 2021, Gnade launched a record label to release poetry and stories on cassette. Hello America Stereo Cassette has issued tapes and mixtape tracks from Sam Pink, Jared Thomas Friend with music by Gogo Erlandson and Death Ribbons, Ryan Schulte, Canada's Prairie Girl Collective, Juliet Escoria, Erik Tinsley, Nicole Morning, Youthmovies (a reissue of Honey Slides), Gary Bunting, Eileen Ramos, Marty Hillard of the rap group Ebony Tusks, Lora Mathis, Dmitry Samarov, Mallory Smart, andrw fx, Mugabi Byenkya, Rin Hart, Zac Smith, Matty Terrons, Nick Bernal, Troy James Weaver, Marina Caamano, Jessie Lynn McMains, Nathaniel Kennon Perkins, and more.     

A collection of audio recordings of writing entitled The World of Today and The World of Tomorrow, was released by Hello America Stereo Cassette on November 26th, 2021. A book version of the pamphlet Simple Steps to a Life Less Shitty was released in August of 2021 by Bread & Roses Press.  

Gnade's fifth novel, After Tonight, Everything Will Be Different, was released on January 5th, 2022 by Bread & Roses Press and Three One G. An excerpt of which was featured as a cover story in the San Diego Reader. It also received press via San Diego Magazine, StatoRec, and others, and is currently in its fifth printing.

In November of 2022, Gnade was featured in the documentary Don't Fall in Love with Yourself. The Jon Nix directed film is about the life of Justin Pearson. Summer and fall tour dates in 2022 featured Porridge Radio, Nathaniel Kennon Perkins, Rin Hart, Ana Carrete, Matty Terrones, Nick Bernal, Mason Parker, Dmitry Samarov, Pall Jenkins of the Black Heart Procession, Natural Lite, Michael Hurley, and others.

Gnade's sixth novel, The Internet Newspaper, was released 2/14/23 via Three One G and Bread & Roses Press. In March 2023, an audio book on tape of After Tonight, Everything Will Be Different was released by Hello America Stereo Cassette based around a Dec 2021 live performance at Verbatim Books with accompanying music from Demetrius Antuna and Matty Terrones. 

Tours in 2023 took place in the US, England, and Wales with tour-mates Andrew Mears, Lora Mathis, and Matty Terrones. 

In October, Gnade's latest novel, I Wish to Say Lovely Things, was announced.

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Author of the novels After Tonight, Everything Will Be Different (2022), The Internet Newspaper (2023), and I Wish to Say Lovely Things (2024). Work released by Three One G, Bread & Roses Press, and the Numero Group.


My books and audio recordings of writing are released by Bread & Roses Press, Three One G, and the Numero Group.